Complete Badminton Rules in Accordance with International Standards

Badminton is one of the most popular games in Indonesia. This sport is played with a racket and shuttlecock. However, there are still those who do not really know the badminton regulations according to the standards.
Badminton game itself was created as part of traditional ceremonies and entertainment. Later, this sport became a hitting game in Egypt, China, and India using the feet.

In 1854, the game was promoted in England by using a bat. Then, badminton was brought to Japan, China and Thailand from the colonial army to develop as it is now.


Here are the general rules for playing badminton:

Badminton court

Quoted from the book ‘Mahir Badminton’ by Hermawan Aksan, a badminton court must be a rectangle with a length of 13.4 meters and a width of 6.1 meters for doubles and 5.18 meters for singles.

The course must be divided by the boundary of a net. There is also a service area which is marked by a line 1.98 meters from the net. For doubles, the service is 0.76 meters from the back line.

Furthermore, the net height should reach 1.55 meters at the edges and 1.5424 meters at the center. The netting must be dark except at the edge of the net it must be white.

Complementary Badminton Rules

To play badminton, participants must be equipped with a racket and shuttle. For racquets, there are no definite rules, it’s just that it is comfortable for participants to wear.

Then, how come badminton rules are applied by the Badminton World Federation (BWF). Meanwhile, the characteristics must have 16 feathers with a length of 62 to 70 mm.

Then, how come you also have to have a diameter between 58 to 68 mm, the base of how come a half ball is formed with a diameter of 25 to 28 mm, and finally the total weight must be 4.47 grams and 5.50 grams.

Single Badminton Service Regulations

The game starts from an even or 0 position and each serve is made from the right court with the serve receiver on the right as well. If the points are odd, serve from the left and the receiver of the service must also be on the left side.

Double Badminton Service Regulations

The first serve is made from the right to the opponent’s area. The player serving is only on the left (when serving from the right). If, the serve hits the net or does not cross the front box, points will be awarded to the opponent.

History of World Badminton

Actually in medieval times in England also had traditional games that were often played by children there. The name of the game is “Battledore and Shuttlecock”. How to play it using a stick and really. The player must keep the shuttle in the air without touching the ground or floor. How to play by hitting as long as possible.

However, badminton began to be played by the world community since the 17th century. Badminton (English for badminton) comes from the name of the Palace in England, namely Badminton House.

So at first, the Duke of Beafourt family, the owners of Badminton House, held a badminton competition at the palace. Starting from the game Battledore and Shuttlecock which is often played in England. But this family improvises in this game, using a rope in the middle of the playing area. Well, the addition of the rope became the forerunner of the badminton we know.

Then in the late 1850s, Duke of Beafourt’s newest Battledore and Shuttlecock game actually developed rapidly. In 1960 through a pamphlet made by Isaac Spraat, the name of this game became “Badminton Battledore a New Game”. This is where the name of this game becomes badminton.


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